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What Is ...

"What is" glossary for [R]FTP and networking terminology.

How Do I ...

"How to" instructions for the most common operations.

FAQ (including Version 3 licenses)

The most frequently asked questions (and answers!).

Tips and Tidbits

Tips, advice, and one-liners.

Advanced Usage

Want to be an RFtp PRO expert? Want to amaze your friends? Or do you just want to find out about some of the more advanced stuff (e.g., "How do I actually use this %*^#& command line interface")?

Contact Us

Can't make something work? Think you found a bug? Can't find it in the "How Do I ...", "What Is ...", "FAQ", or "Tips" sections? Or even on the "Advanced Usage" page? Send e-mail to support. Naturally, if you include relevant info, such as a description of your problem, how to reproduce it, and a copy of your Log, it will help in getting you a speedy reply!

Software Version Updates

The policy for RFtp PRO updates is simple: upgrades within a major version are free! This means that if you purchase version 3.x, all releases until (but not including) version 4 will be available to you free of charge.

New releases come out approximately every 6 weeks to 3 months. They are available for download over in Updates. Note that these are only for licensed users of RFtp PRO (make sure to have your license ID ready). Finally, a corresponding release will usually be posted in the TRIAL area at the same time.

Software Release Change Summary

RFtp PRO 3.5

RFtp PRO 3.4

RFtp PRO 3.3

RFtp PRO 3.2c

RFtp PRO 3.2b

RFtp PRO 3.2a

RFtp PRO 3.2

RFtp PRO 3.1a

RFtp PRO 3.1

RFtp PRO 3.0c

RFtp PRO 3.0b

RFtp PRO 3.0a